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No gym, no problem :)

Not everyone can afford to join a gym or afford to purchase multiple machines for a home gym. So how do you get in a good workout without the fancy equipment?
You can get in a great workout right in the comfort of your own home by using your body weight or even some dumbbells.
What I’ve done for the past three years has changed my life for the best.
I was 210 lbs and now I weight 160 lbs and I can say that I’m leaner and ripped, by only exercising in my home and no gym at all 🙂
I changed the way of eating and drinking only water throughout the day 🙂
My everyday routine is simple and everyone can do it 🙂
I start with stretching for about a minute and then:
Jumping Jacks – 1 set   = 50 reps
Push ups         – 3 sets = 30 reps each
Dips                 – 3 sets = 26 reps each ( I use the gap between the sink and the washer,,,lol ) is true 🙂
Dumbbell Curl  –  4 sets = 15 reps
Dumbbells are (33 lbs each), but you can start small in the beginning and then add weight while you gain strength.
Squats              – 1 set = 16 reps
Shrugs              – 1 set = 25 reps
After I’m done I drink immediately chocolate milk with no sugar at all and then I take a 20 minutes walk, just to relax my muscles, but you don’t have too.
So this is all I’ve been doing for the past three years and I feel stronger, leaner and happier than ever 🙂