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Does healthy means………


There’s a lot of people that think that, if you are healthy, your body should look all ripped or as a bodybuilder and as a matter of fact is preventing them from being healthy……..
Well I say “bull-crap”…………
Not that I’m against getting all ripped or having a sculpted body, no no no, I love that, but my point is that for as long as we keep the junk away and eat healthy, drink lots of water and stay active while we can, our energy levels are gonna be through the roof and we will live longer and happier.
But this is my personal opinion……………………
🙂 Love, Peace and Stay Healthy 🙂

Author: Eduart

My Life Style is all about Eating Healthy, Exercising & having a good time with my Family :)

10 thoughts on “Does healthy means………

  1. I think alot of those really muscly guys are on steroids. I can say this because they come to my clinic worried about their gynaecomastia ( breast development) and when I do blood tests they often have sky high testosterone or other abnormalities suggesting steroid use. Nothing healthy about that – quite the opposite in fact.

  2. Exactly 🙂 There’s nothing better & healthier than the natural way 🙂

  3. Couldn’t agree more! With your post and also with mawil1! Healthy is not defined by ripped muscle or numbers on a scale. General over all health and quality of life depend on making healthy food choices and staying active. Steroids do more harm than good! I am 100% drug free, but I know others who have had many problems because of them!

  4. To your poignant post and perspectives, I’d add that our physical wellness can be enhanced with positive life choices in the spiritual and emotional realms. It’s a blend of constructive choices that makes each of us whole. 🙂

  5. I completely agre and you have given me even more incentive to keep going! Our health is connected to our self esteem. There is some saying that says “Let thy food be thy medicine.” I can’t really disagree. I am falling in love with your blog so far.

  6. 🙂 You are so welcome and thank you 🙂

  7. I wholeheartedly agree! Peace and Blessings. Thanks for liking my post

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