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Does healthy means………

There’s a lot of people that think that, if you are healthy, your body should look all ripped or as a bodybuilder and as a matter of fact is preventing them from being healthy……..
Well I say “bull-crap”…………
Not that I’m against getting all ripped or having a sculpted body, no no no, I love that, but my point is that for as long as we keep the junk away and eat healthy, drink lots of water and stay active while we can, our energy levels are gonna be through the roof and we will live longer and happier.
But this is my personal opinion……………………
🙂 Love, Peace and Stay Healthy 🙂


I saw an article the other day that suggested that Gym is more effective than Home workout.
Well,,,,,,, I personally don’t agree with it 🙂
All my life I have exercised home and never felt the need to go to the Gym, because I didn’t want to waste my money on something that I could do by exercising at home and not spending a dime for it 🙂
The last 3 years I’ve been working out almost everyday. I bought a pair of dumbbells, which helped me a lot on the variety of my exercises and now my body is in a great shape.
Exercising at home is great for as long as you’re willing to workout and eat healthy 🙂
You don’t have to go to the Gym to keep your body toned or ripped, because by only exercising at home you’ll turn your body in the best shape possible.
And If you have trouble finding what exercises to do at home, just start browsing on the internet and you’ll find hundreds of different workouts:
Doing exercises like:
Jumping Jacks
Mountain Climbers
High Knees
Push ups
Pull ups
Sit ups & Crunches
Dips (between two chairs)
And if you buy a pair of Dumbbells you have an extra 10-20 different exercises only with the use of dumbbells.
So my point is that, we don’t have to go to the Gym to lose weight, or stay in shape or get ripped.
All we have to do is use our home and also natures beautiful places for jogging or walking.
Eat healthy, exercise everyday and keep water as your best friend.
Love & Peace to all 🙂Image


No gym, no problem :)

Not everyone can afford to join a gym or afford to purchase multiple machines for a home gym. So how do you get in a good workout without the fancy equipment?
You can get in a great workout right in the comfort of your own home by using your body weight or even some dumbbells.
What I’ve done for the past three years has changed my life for the best.
I was 210 lbs and now I weight 160 lbs and I can say that I’m leaner and ripped, by only exercising in my home and no gym at all 🙂
I changed the way of eating and drinking only water throughout the day 🙂
My everyday routine is simple and everyone can do it 🙂
I start with stretching for about a minute and then:
Jumping Jacks – 1 set   = 50 reps
Push ups         – 3 sets = 30 reps each
Dips                 – 3 sets = 26 reps each ( I use the gap between the sink and the washer,,,lol ) is true 🙂
Dumbbell Curl  –  4 sets = 15 reps
Dumbbells are (33 lbs each), but you can start small in the beginning and then add weight while you gain strength.
Squats              – 1 set = 16 reps
Shrugs              – 1 set = 25 reps
After I’m done I drink immediately chocolate milk with no sugar at all and then I take a 20 minutes walk, just to relax my muscles, but you don’t have too.
So this is all I’ve been doing for the past three years and I feel stronger, leaner and happier than ever 🙂


One of those lazy days, but……..

Today was one of those lazy days that including the rainy weather you just don’t feel like working out. The last day I felt like this was long time ago.
So instead of my everyday 40 minutes workout, I added 20 extra minutes to spice it up a little bit, so the brain got the message to never feel lazy anymore, or I will make the workout  session longer 🙂 It was fun though, because it was like my mind didn’t feel like it, but my body was screaming for 🙂
Some days our mind doesn’t feel like exercising and some other days our body doesn’t want to 🙂 That’s why I listened to my body today and it was worthy, because it gave me the energy to enjoy this beautiful rainy day and a nice walk on top of it 🙂
The TV, couch and the junk are always the temptation, but the exercise will make your Life Beautiful 🙂

Love & Peace to All


Everyday workout……

You hear so many advice’s about exercising everyday, that is not good for you, because you have to give your muscles some rest to recuperate. Yes I believe that, but I’ve been exercising everyday for almost three years (dumbbells, push ups, dips, squats, walks etc,,) and  I never had problems with my muscles. I’m not looking to be a bodybuilder and with what I’ve learned in military, everyday exercises is never bad for you, because it gives you strength and keeps you fit & strong. So to anyone out there and this is just my opinion, everyday exercises is awesome, keeps you happy most of the time and keeps the Doctor away 🙂 🙂 🙂