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Does healthy means………

There’s a lot of people that think that, if you are healthy, your body should look all ripped or as a bodybuilder and as a matter of fact is preventing them from being healthy……..
Well I say “bull-crap”…………
Not that I’m against getting all ripped or having a sculpted body, no no no, I love that, but my point is that for as long as we keep the junk away and eat healthy, drink lots of water and stay active while we can, our energy levels are gonna be through the roof and we will live longer and happier.
But this is my personal opinion……………………
🙂 Love, Peace and Stay Healthy 🙂


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The Best Natural Antidepressant is E…………

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise 🙂
There you have it.
Exercising everyday is the best natural Antidepressant.
I was a soccer player for about 10 years and I used to exercise everyday.
I was always happy even when life threw bad days in front of me I still was managing to be positive.
After I quit soccer I got very lazy, eating and watching TV most of the day and o my God, I felt miserable everyday and gained more than 40 lbs.
I woke up one beautiful day and I stood in front of the mirror and said to myself – “Why should I feel like this when I already have the recipe to change my lazy life” – and trust me, all of us have that recipe.
So I started exercising home everyday (push ups, sit ups, dips, walking etc,,) and has been the greatest feeling to see how great it is to be healthy.
I’ve been exercising for years now, I dropped that 40 lbs and my smile has grown wider :D.
All of us can change our life even when we think we don’t have time at all, that is just Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.
We’ll be amazed how much time we can find if we want to.
Even walking for 15 minutes everyday is a good workout, because our body is screaming for a little bit of exercise.
One important thing that goes with exercising is Eating Healthy and It’s not expensive at all to buy healthy food. Veggies & fruits are everywhere 🙂
And the third element of living a long and happy life is Water, Water, Water 🙂
Water is your Eternal Juice, because It will keep you fresh, energized and always ready physically & mentally 🙂
Exercising, Eating Healthy and Water will change your life forever 🙂
Love & Peace to All.