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My Life Through Skype.

Hi 🙂
My name is Eduart and I will tell you the story of how I’m living my marriage through the screen of a computer for about three years.
In June 2010 I met online with the love of my life Tara and after we exchanged emails we decided to have a visual meeting and that’s how our journey through Skype began. It was June 13th and it was Sunday. I didn’t have a computer at the time, so I went at the Internet Cafe that was down the street from my apartment. I was waiting for Tara to call me and I was a little bit nervous too. Skype rang and I answered the video call. Tara showed on the screen, it was early in the morning in Texas and here in Albania it was afternoon. She was nervous too, but I was the first one to say hi and she gave me a beautiful smile that it gave warmth to my heart and believe it or not that was the moment that I knew she was my soul mate, because her smile was so pure. We started talking and talking for almost four hours and that was the beginning of our Journey together 🙂
After three months Tara came to Albania to visit me and my parents. We hugged and kissed and it felt like we knew each other for years. My Parents loved Tara and she loved them too 🙂 We spent the best 10 days of our life and we got married on her fifth day here,,, yes we got married 🙂 We had talked about marriage through Skype and the decision it was gonna be until we met face to face. We felt so much love & connection for each other, so the decision was made, we got married. Tara’s parents told her that, if she was happy we had their blessings 🙂 My parents were so happy for me that finally their child now a man got married with a wonderful woman. We had an amazing time together and 10 days passed very quickly.
It was time for me to walk Tara at the airport, because she had to leave to go back to work, (She’s a general manager at Starbucks.) They were calling the name of her flight, my heart was crying from inside, she was crying too and hugging me and I kissed her and hugged her so much. It was the most painful moment of my life. She was going through the scanners, crying and waiving at me as I was waiving and blowing kisses to her. I saw her beautiful face for the last time until is disappeared.
I went home trying to stay strong, but I couldn’t anymore, her face was stuck in my mind and then my tears couldn’t hold anymore. I never though I was gonna cry, but love does that to the best of us.
We arranged all the papers for my moving there, but is not that easy, because I was in US from 2001-2006 and got deported, so it takes a little bit longer for us to get together.
Skype was our everyday communication tool and thank God we have Skype, because imagine without the internet I couldn’t met Tara, so I’m so thankful to the internet for making it possible for me to meet the love of my life.
in 2011 as much as I wanted Tara to come to visit me she couldn’t, because her father ( John) was diagnosed with lung cancer and all that year she was taking care of him with her mom & sister, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it through. He was an amazing person. He knew me only through Skype, but he loved me and I loved him so much. He’s in my heart forever.
It was very hard for Tara, because I wasn’t there to comfort her and all I could do was just talk to her through Skype. He died on September 7th 2011 and it was a very difficult year for all of us.
On January 2012 Tara got two weeks off from work, so she flew to Albania. We were so happy to see each other after a long year. We did enjoy every second of it, by exploring some of the most beautiful sight of Albania.
After those beautiful 14 days Tara went home. Of course very hard for both of us, but that is the bitter reality and our only hope was to hear from immigration for any good news. Our marriage was approved, but other documents were needed and the waiting period goes on and on.
On February 5th I got an email with a picture from Tara and it was a pregnancy test strip with a + sign on it 🙂 I knew that we were waiting so eagerly for some good news and thank God, Yessssssss 🙂 Tara was pregnant 🙂 I couldn’t hold my enthusiasm 🙂 I called her and she already had wasted like 15 test strips to make sure it was real.
After the check up at the doctor, she was two weeks pregnant. My life couldn’t get better 🙂 I got the love of my life and now we were blessed with a child. We already started looking names for both boys or girls. We were so excited.
After the 4th month we got the news that we were having a baby girl 🙂 Tara was a little worry, because she though I wanted a boy. I told her that there is no difference between boys & girls and that all I wanted from the woman of my life was a healthy child.
I had found the perfect name for our girl and when I told Tara she loved it. We decided to call her ELIRA, because Albania is a 3000 years old country and one of the first tribes that our land was created from was called Elira, which means ( Freedom) and that’s why we decided to name our baby Elira. Everyone loved it and I’m sure that when she grows up she will love it too, because I will tell her all the stories of my Albanian predecessors and her moms Irish roots too.
Tara’s pregnancy went well and Elira is now 8 months and we are still waiting on the immigration to approve my I601 Waiver which is the last step, before I get the green card and reunite with my Tara and my adorable baby girl Elira.
Tara couldn’t come to visit me, because Elira was a newborn and was not advised by the doctor to travel. Immigration was supposed to give us an answer 3 months ago, but they said that they are so behind on cases that is taking a little bit longer, so I hope that I get approved soon and finally I don’t have to Skype with them anymore.
So this is my story about how Skype has been a part of my life and has kept me and my wife more connected to each other and has helped me watch my baby girl grow up.